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The COVID-19 pandemic has generated individual and small-group responses as to how arts and creative education could be transformed. Opportunities to team up and find pathways of action that can deepen learning online for students and teachers are growing. I want to engage in new ways of learning that result in more far-reaching and inclusive outcomes regardless of physical location in the world and circumstances.

As long as your online and have a Skype account we can connect!

This is an opportunity to creatively learn online one to one, just you and me!

We will be using a remote online experience via my iPad from my art studio direct to your home and together we will be building a bridge to a reimagined education and arts learning. Sounds exciting!!

As the world fluctuates and begins to open, flexibility is essential as the new normal and so my online art session is a combination of remote and face to face opportunities if you are local to Chichester, UK. 

Online Skype session includes:

  • Mindfulness and well-being
  • Reflection and meditation   
  • Transformation through creativity
  • Re-imagined creative learning
  • Inclusivity and creative techniques

I aim to use simple, old school traditional approaches to drawing and painting, such as timed exercises, still life, portraits, and practical techniques such as colour mixing in order to shape a new, flexible, agile hybrid learning platform. I'll even set you homework if you like? Book as many 1-hour sessions as you like and be prepared for artistic spontaneity and thinking outside the box!

''This time of uncertainty has magnified the question of what kind of learning is required in 2020 and beyond. To reimagine learning we need to reflect on what we know about learning, our students, the new role of technology, and the complexity of an uncertain future''

By Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn, Global Directors at New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

If you would like to join me then purchase an hour or two then click the SKYPE logo at the footer of the HOMEPAGE on my website and create an account!