I have been exploring creativity and the way it transforms the human spirit for nearly 30 years and over that time, for me, it has evolved and expanded. At first, it was out of tune but the decade or so it has been about creating work as a positive reflection of my spiritual practice, more attuned to meditation, heart-centred teachings and working with Kirtan devotional music and intuitive abstract works.

For me, it is all about the exploration of a vast inner 'space' a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied, inwardly and outwardly and trying to somehow express that 'using' paint.

Art can sometimes create separation but I believe that by simply beginning the process of art-making and mark making then we begin to vibrate with a new resonance. It is that, which has value.

The originals paintings depict a lifelong interest and narrative around the transformation of the human spirit and over the years, a collaboration between classical, contemporary fine art techniques and surface design meant that working digitally became part of my creative process.