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Art is a dance, and life is a dance

Over the last decade, I have felt a really powerful shift in my creativity and in my life.

​Being 'seen' in your art and yourself

​I want to share it with you because it is about speaking with authenticity, making connections and a stronger awareness of resonance. It's about how I fell in love with art again.

​Align 'inside' and move towards it

​Creativity for me has always been about tuning into a state of wonder, its the feeling I get when my heart sings, what makes me feel ecstatic and what gets me out of bed. My personal experience of classical art training made me feel unrooted and disconnected. The conversation was centralised around the 'emphasis of the self' and the preservation of our 'identity'. It was a world that felt heavy with a continuous tug of war and everyone wanted recognition and validation. When we leave that behind we find a new kind of value.

​Flow State

​I have always started each painting with no clearly defined outcome and I embrace the same philosophy to life, but to a certain extent, we are taught to avoid this state of surprise. Our natural and immediate response to stimulus and the potential for a free flow intuitive creative exploration is often replaced with structure, jargon and criticism. This was a challenging path for me especially when it came to creativity.

With all honesty, I thought it was the 'only path' to a career in Fine Art. The 20 years of recovery it took to recognise that this was 'not true' and then resurface, has been painful. However, I admit it has also been transformative. The words I use now to describe my work now are much more aligned with the essence of just 'being present or becoming free'. 

​Letting the 'soul' emerge

​Today I am much more attuned with just simply connecting the right person to my paintings and very much aware that there is a 'resonance' and I feel is not only inside of me, but inside of everyone.

Art is such a powerful tool

​The most powerful shift was the moment I stopped comparing myself to other artists. I choose to listen to heart-centered teachings and devotional music and chanting instead when I am in the art studio or writing. This has created a new kind of 'stillness' by which to learn how to breathe again. And the anxiety and fear I used to feel about 'work/home life' versus 'studio time' have merged into one. Now I feel like I am creating all of the time and embracing every moment.

I have been exploring creativity and the way it transforms the human spirit for nearly 30 years and over that time, for me, it has evolved and expanded. Creating work is a positive reflection of a kind of spiritual practice, more attuned to meditation, heart-centred teachings and working with Kirtan devotional music and intuitive abstract works.

''For me, it is all about the exploration of a vast inner 'space' a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied, inwardly and outwardly and trying to somehow express that 'using' paint''

Art can sometimes create separation but I believe that by simply beginning the process of art-making and mark making then we begin to vibrate with a new resonance. It is that, which has value.

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