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How I created 'Universal Maps - Mandalas for a modern world'


Expanding and travelling across the surface of my large collage works on paper and altering it into one curious frame after another, was a profound joy. I abandoned composition and worked with a hotchpotch of childish art materials, like glue and sweet papers. I worked in a free and fluent way. I was in a flow state of pure creativity without concern of 'making works of art'. It was liberating.

It was then that I appreciated I was not just producing arbitrary wallpaper and surface designs but creating infinite repeat patterns about our expanding and infinite universe. It was as though I was observing unexplored worlds on paper in macrocosm and microcosm detail. They somehow became my journey into the fabric of space and they took on a new meaning beyond just surface design.

​What you see within the artwork will depend on your perspective and it will be unique for everyone. In the same way, as you might use an Atlas to navigate safe passage across the earth each artwork contains all the intergalactic highways and crossroads you will need to journey across all planes of existence simultaneously.

​Each one is everything and nothing

They are a reflection of your internal world and the ethereal world. They represent only what you construct them to become, and all worlds imagined are true.