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''Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creations with us and for your love and support''

Stuart Semple - Culture Hustle

'Beautiful artwork''

Kevin JamesCarroll - Kirtan musician

'I love your artwork'

Mirabai Moon - Kirtan musician

''Jo has been a real find! The ability to talk to an artist with experience, who I can bounce ideas with and hear new ones has been invaluable. She has given me encouragement, belief and motivation plus some really useful ‘insider’ tips! I have loved her spirituality, groundedness and calmness and ultimately her non judgmental support for me to be truly authentic in my practice''

Jane - Artist Mentoring Sessions & Professional Development


''I thought it was well organised and beautifully held. Each day brought fresh experiences and learning. Gilli and Jo have given me the precious gift of being able to love my intuitive expressions in art form, a deeply enriching experience, a feast for the senses. I felt – and still do – that a new pathway into my creativity was opened, and that I am now curious to explore it further. I also feel better equipped to get more out of the materials I work with and various techniques and art medium. I loved the way both Gilli and Jo held space for me and other participants, the level of love, care and thought they had put into making this an enriching experience. Their love for art expression and enthusiasm are infectious. I loved how the days flowed within the structured daily program, that they brought the outside in and took the inside out. I loved the music, meditations, conversations, grounding in and out, playfulness, quiet, calm, joy, studio environment both inside and out, the collaborative art, the motivational cards and getting to spend time with extraordinary women, I very much appreciated the thought and effort the Jo and Gilli had put into ensuring that all participants had a personal space within the collective one''

Josephine - Summer Painting Retreat 2020


 ''I loved it, my first ever painting experience so was nervous and excited at the same time. I learned so much in just 4 days. My belief that I’m not a painter has gone! Having the luxury of 2 very different artists teaching, guiding, encouraging, inspiring, sharing their wisdom, philosophies and artistic skill. Having you working on your own paintings alongside us was brilliant. Loved the space, very comfortable in a lovely location, all mod cons!

Lynne - Summer Painting Retreat 2020


 ''Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable day yesterday, Joanne. I  wanted to learn more about oil painting and how to use mediums. Your explanations were clear and helpful and my aim was achieved--albeit much more to learn! The calm and peaceful atmosphere provided by you very much helped the learning process. I recommend you highly and will probably return one day soon.

Linda - Oil painting workshop


 “I saw Jo's work in a pop-up studio in Chichester last summer. I loved the vibrancy and spirituality of her work and fell in love with Kingfisher Queen. The painting now hangs in my living room and gives me a sense of calm and serenity, when I look at it. I regularly discover features within it, that I had previously missed.  This piece of art brings me joy, on a daily basis”

Jo F - Private collector


 ''Joanne is classically trained and very experienced in working with oil paints and I found her introduction was very thorough. It was a very friendly and informal atmosphere and it was great fun. I learnt lots and picked up some good tips. The day has given me more confidence to work and experiment with oils''

Liz - Oil painting workshop 


 ''I loved spending the day with Joanne, in her studio. She provided everything we needed, and was guiding and helpful with her teaching. It was inspiring and enjoyable. So much so, we have already returned for a second workshop! Highly recommended''

Anne - Go with the flow workshop 


''Beautiful work''

 Lama Surya Das - Spiritual Leader /  Western Buddhist Meditation Teacher and Author, Poet & Chantmaster in Tibetan Dzogchen Tradition


 ''Joanne's work is hard to describe: being a mixture of surrealism, fantasy and colour. I very much like the one painting I have, and I would suggest that her work is always worth looking at as it changes and varies constantly, but always interestingly''

Ian Harris - Collector / Antiques Road Show / Owner N.Bloom & Son


 ''I am happy to give Jo Webb a recommendation. Her work has always been creative and of high technical quality as well. She is a very pleasant and reliable companion in the workplace and at leisure''

 Tony Dignum - Collector & Leader of the Council / Chichester District Council


 ''I received Joanne's art the next day and I love my watercolour.  It's on the window sill above my desk and I'm looking at it now.  'Awakening' has a particular resonance for me at the moment - I'm about to make a big move - so in every way I'm delighted''

Fiona - Collector  


 ''I have inspected Joanne's work up close and at length and I can confidently recommend her both for her technical prowess and the charming poetry of her artwork. It's hard to tear yourself away from the decorative, emotional and mysterious power of the work. Joanne is also an accomplished Designer whose beautiful and engaging creations lend themselves well to a variety of uses and media''

 Tom - Digital Artist & Illustrator  


 ''I met Joanne in Arundel and loved her work. I bought one of her paintings. Some of her work has a mystical element and a shamanistic element. And that was fascinating to me. See for yourself!'' 

 Gavin - Collector & Spiritual Devotee of Avatar Adi Da


''Joanne mentored me in the final part of my Final Major Project at college and help me generate ideas for a final out come, also for the end of year show. I passed the course with a distinction and had some very good responses from people who came to the show. I found Joanne to be easy and her knowledge to be refreshing, this helped me to take the project to the final stage''

 Paul - Graphic Designer


 ''I have a painting by Joanne based on her residency with a Native American group in the US and I can see a direct line through to her more recent work, especially 'Across the Water'. Joanne is a very strong painter and was always a pleasure to work with, full of enthusiasm''

 Marcia Allen - Collector


 ''As Joanne's coach & mentor, I can vouch for her infectious passion in art and painting. Joanne is incredibly talented. Her work is amazing and looking at her pictures feels like a breath of fresh air in your mind and soul. Joanne is dedicated to her own personal development and is constantly exploring new avenues allowing her to be the best version of herself. Her deep spiritual interest makes Joanne a very interesting person and artist''

Sonja Kirschner MBA -  Resilience Coach, Confidence Coach for Women Leaders, NLP Practitioner with DISC Accreditation, Entrepreneur


 ''Joanne Webb has a uniquely beautiful and ethereal talent as an artist! Jo regularly exhibits her works in the south of England and provides a range of art services and events from her local working studio. Jo is an established local artist specialising in fine art, ceramics and bespoke designs. She is a skilled tutor and mentors artists of all levels and runs various workshops for beginners seeking a creative hobby to stretching and developing more accomplished painters. It has been a pleasure to work alongside exhibitions and art projects with Jo. I look forward to collaborating on new ventures in the future''

Maria Rogers - Collector


 ''Joanne was a pleasure to work with and a real inspiration. Organised and efficient, yet friendly and relaxed, Joanne was wonderful to work with and I learnt a lot from her about arts administration. I'd love to work with her again in the future''

 Sophie Egeleton - University Secretary at University of Chichester


''Amazing! Joanne holds a wonderful space to enable creation. The yoga classes that I attend keep a similar algorithm! Joanne holds the space so that the energy can flow. I found I was able to do things I would have been nervous about without the chantings and special space''

Victoria - Go with the flow workshop


''What a beautiful day with you Joanne. You have created the perfect space for mind, body and spirit. You are a soul we all need to be with so that we can return to ourselves. Thank you for allowing that to happen''

Lizzie - Go with the flow workshop


''What a wonderful day. Joanne creates a beautiful space to share her chants, art and artistic expression with great humour. It was fun, relaxing and enjoyable.More please!''

Ann - Workshop


''I found the workshop relaxing and all my worries and stress have gone away through the chanting, art and meditation''

Loius - Go with the flow workshop


''Thank you for holding a nurturing soul workshops.For sharing the meanings, the power of chant and meditation and for providing a space to enable our creative energy to flow. I really look forward to re-grouping''

Becca - Go with the flow workshop


''I didn't want it to end!. Jo is very inspirational and non judgmental even though her artwork is amazing she doesn't make you feel stupid if your artwork is basic in comparison. I would recommend that everyone takes a workshop. You dont have to be an expert in art, chanting or have experience''

Veronica - Go with the flow workshop