Creative Metta Project 2021

Creative Metta project is the vision of Gilli Higgs and Joanne Webb, two working fine artists.

We want to connect local social subscribing services and a women's centre and support those affected by trauma, depression, poverty, mental health, LGBT community and more through periods of transition in their lives.

The Creative Metta project is best described as a series of transformative art workshops that involve heart, bravery, trust, imagination and belief.

We aim to provide a platform for artists / non-artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation.  

Our meaningful creative, educational, health and wellbeing workshops that have value and impact will achieve the following:

  1. Promote in a positive way how the dialogue of mental health wellbeing and creativity can work together as a transformative tool and how the two processes can contribute in significant ways to the creation of meaning in our lives.
  2. Combine and introduce mindfulness and wellbeing into the creative process.
  3. Reduce isolation and build a community of like-minded people.
  4. Encourage and nurture how to be more ‘present’ in life through creativity and mindfulness.
  5. Build creative resilience and artistic dialogue after lockdown and in response to the pandemic
  6. Provide affordable high end and professional artist run painting and art workshops to individuals who would not normally access the arts due to mental health, trauma, poverty and other issues.
  7. Provide a safe creative transformative space
  8. Encourage and nurture how to be more ‘present’ in life through creativity and mindfulness.
  9. Finding the rhythm between chaos and order
  10. Create a long term vision working closely with local services, and other

Would you like to become a partner? 

If you would like to become one of our key partners and refer individuals to this project please use the contact form and email me or telephone : 07543660185

How much will the painting workshop cost?

100% Free for referred individuals 

Where will the workshops be held?

Workshops will be held in a number of location in Chichester, West Sussex. TBC

When will this project start?

January 2021 until September / October 

How can I help?

You can help us by sharing this page and signing up to the newsletter. As the project grows we will also be looking for further support so please keep in touch.

You can also choose to 'become a patron' and donate as any financial support during this time is appreciated.