Over the years my art practice has evolved. Only in the last decade have I arrived at a kind of equanimity. I love to chant and sing in Sanskrit when I paint, immerse myself in heart centred teachings and Kirtan music and meditate in my studio. These daily habits have become meaningful to me in unexpected ways, changed my studio to a sacred space, enabled me to transcend an old mindset and created a beautiful ripple effect beyond the art.

The concept of having an 'art practice' is something that embodies ideas and the process of making art. Essentially it is a form of intellectual and imaginative inquiry. It is the place where research can be carried out and where we interpret the evidence in a range of different ways. The concept of spiritual practice or spiritual discipline is regular or full-time actions and activities undertaken for the purpose of cultivating spiritual development. I am interested in the space in-between, the middle way.

If you're like me and your a creative contemplative practitioner and you want to entwine a spiritual discipline or sacred element into your art then the creative journey can get super twisty and hard to navigate.

I have created five simple principles and magic formula which I share re via my mentoring programme as well as my NEW book 'Rewilding your focus as a modern creative'' which will be released on sale late February 2021.

If you would like to join the 'Thriving Artist Programme' then get in touch and say hello or go ahead and book when applications are open. 

My original painting are currently offline. NEW work is about to be released via an online exhibition page. To join the private viewing and get an opportunity to buy then sign up to the newsletter.


Born, 1973 Joanne Webb studied Fine Art at Brighton University where she was tutored by Andrzej Jackowski. In 1998 she was accepted by the Royal Academy of Arts, London, where she trained with Norman Ackroyd, Lawrence Jenkins, Norman Adams, Ken Kiff, Jennifer Durrant, Burt Irwin, Maurice Cockrill and Sonia Lawson amongst others.

Winning the Landseer Travel grant on graduation, She then travelled to Montana, USA, for 13 months and lived and worked with the Lakota Sioux on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation and was as a Professor of Art at Rocky Mountain College.