Eco Facts

I'm passionate about sustainable print on demand UK manufacturing business. My products are created in London and the company I use actively want to reduce landfill through responsible end-to-end production and increase consciousness of sustainability & eco-friendliness to creatives and their customers.

They only start making your item(s) once you have placed your order and hold no stock or produce products beyond need. 

They make everything here in the England in one facility and keep their carbon footprint low. All our products with the exception of 'original art and paintings' are also drop shipped to you by the same company. Drop shipping allows me more time in my art studio to make, design, imagine, create and dream!

Your products are water-free manufacturing and printing processes and the inks are eco-friendly. There is no gas supplied to the premises at all and they currently have a range of 100% vegan, natural and organic products as well as items that we produce from recycled material.

Materials FSC certified and they do not ship their fabric waste to be added to landfill but instead decided to offer the fabric remnants free to crafters and DIY-ers who wanted a creative challenge. The offcuts are repurposed.