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The creative path can be a really twisty and a difficult path. It is not always the case that you graduate and suddenly you are launched into stardom, quit your day job and enjoy a full-time career doing what you love. There is usually a bit of an uphill struggle and often quite a bit of existential thinking.

Who am I doing it for?

Why am I doing it?

What type of creative am I?

What can I do to promote myself?

What type of website should I have?

Am I any good?

How do I launch a creative business?

The list is endless! Believe me, I have the t-shirt and 30 plus years of fabulous misguided mistakes! But for every hurdle, every obstacle and a lifetime of empty fridges and financial constraints I always found a way........

This is a special and gentle mentoring programme. It is an opportunity to work with me ONE TO ONE.

The mentoring session can take place online, over the telephone, via email or as a socially distanced outdoor meet up in Chichester town centre. 

I share simple and constructive techniques to assist creatives to gain more self-confidence and value in their practice. These calm and gentle mentoring sessions are nourishing so that you can feel supported on your artistic journey and harness your creative talents and skills.

Whether you are searching to define and express yourself through art, seeking practical or academic support or simply curious about improving your authentic voice this mentoring session is for you.

  • Art and business
  • Critiques & finding your voice
  • Speaking authentically
  • Confidence in painting
  • Practical arts advice
  • Creating a body of work
  • Getting exhibition ready
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Portfolio advice
  • Generating ideas
  • Working through blocks
  • Funding applications
  • Preparing for art school
  • Product design
  • Dropshipping
  • Giclee printing
  • Making sales
  • Websites


I have set a sliding scale for every kind of budget. Please think carefully and be honest about what you can truly afford to pay me. I want to be supportive however I am a small and humble business.

Once I receive payment I will be personally in touch with you to arrange a time and a way to connect. You buy as many hours as you like I am happy to work around your diary and mine.