The infinite, exciting and mesmerising platforms and options which promise to enable you to become master of your creative destiny, as well as a six-figure passive monthly income, will for most of us fall short of expectations, fail or just disappear in a magical puff of smoke unless you re-adjust your lense and your inner view. 

Influencing and controlling your creative directions and decisions are multiple outer strands, big businesses selling shiny objects offering you wealth and riches. Gathering the right strands is vital to your mental health and wellbeing and well.......overwhelming. 

What is the middle way?

Ask yourself what do I actually need to thrive?

 If you're like me and your also a contemplative practitioner and you want to entwine a spiritual discipline or sacred element into your work then the creative journey may get super twisty and hard to navigate.

It is my intention and hopes this booklet finds you and helps you, right now, wherever you're at. 

I want to share with you how to make friends with your creative self, clarify your offerings and help you to build your practice into an authentic, meaningful heart soul connection with confidence.  

 What's included:
  • 48 X PAGES
  • Power quotes and reflections
  • 5 x simple art wisdom principles for a creative life
  • 3 x beautiful mind maps
  • 1 x magic formula to embody
  • 4 x inner dialogue pages for creative writing
  • 6 x insights and vision pages
  • A creative apothecary containing 8 x mood-lifting ideas
  • 8 x spaces to create your own meditative practices for the art studio
  • 24 x month goal setting calendar
  • 1 x allocated creative devotion and working hours page
  • 20 x self-care ideas
  • 1 x building a studio routine page
  • 20 x questions for self-inquiry
  • 20 x key funding questions
  • 72 x useful words
  • 1 x create your own language page
  • 1 x mantra
  • 1 x meditation
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